The Eisenhower Matrix

During his time in office Dwight D. Eisenhower accomplished many things, however this article doesn’t focus on his politics or his accomplishments. This is meant to provide a brief straight forward explanation of his thought process in terms of the Eisenhower Matrix. The concept is simple at it’s core, you have important and urgent tasks. […]

Tech: Resizing an AWS Volume on a Linux 2 instance while it’s running

This article describes how to resize the OS volume on a running EC2 instance which is based on the Linux 2 AMI. This pertains to the Amazon AWS cloud. If you’ve arrived at this page, you may have the following questions: How do I resize the volume on a running EC2 instance? How do I […]

The Ultimate Guide to KPI Dashboards

What is a KPI Dashboard? A KPI dashboard is a visual representation of your company’s key performance indicators. It provides a snapshot of the current state of your business, which can be used to identify and address any risks or opportunities. It is a very powerful tool for any company to use. It can help […]