Custom Database Applications

Database Development – Custom database applications are the backbone of businesses all across the world. With so many interconnected applications, your custom database can be the source of truth for all your company’s data.

With workloads now commonly shared among a diverse set of software applications and services, it is more important than ever to centralize and control your data.

Most of the businesses that choose a custom database application usually do so after being unimpressed by ERP demonstrations. Our customers often feel that ERPs are too rigid, lacking the flexibility to adapt to their business processes.

Custom database applications by Modern Paperless are designed to complement your business; inscribing your institutional knowledge into re-usable and transferable software.

By coding your business rules and other knowledge into a software system, you can worry less about key employees leaving the company. It will be vastly easier to replace employees including key persons when the system has the knowledge.

One of the largest benefits to custom database applications is extensibility. Once your data is centralized you can easily extend your custom application with Advanced AI & Analytics. We are able to develop custom machine learning models and apply them to your business processes.

Automating & streamlining commonly occurring processes will allow your company grow without needing to scale up staffing needs as aggressively as before.

Cloud-connected applications centralize data and functions like reporting across any number of locations. From just a few locations to thousands across the globe, modern cloud-connected applications do it all.

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