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Interactive Dashboards

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KPI Dashboards

It is commonly reported that as much as 65% of the population are visual learners. Many companies are taking advantage of this by installing TV Dashboards, giving employees a way to visualize progress, performance and many other key metrics.

But dashboards are more than just putting a bunch of bar charts and pie graphs on a screen. By using techniques such as gamification, dashboards can be a powerful tool in increasing productivity and morale.

Visual dashboards can help present abstract concepts and summary data in an accessible way. Distilling the growing influx of data that businesses deal with into easily understood visuals is critical to businesses operating in the cloud age.

TV Dashboards

TV Dashboards

TV Dashboards can serve multiple purposes:

On the floor

Call Center – Call centers can benefit from agent visibility into current wait times, queue depths, hold times, and other critical real-time statuses.

Factory – Dashboards are helpful in manufacturing and can serve as an overhead visual of the factory floor and current status of work areas, processes, and people. Bottlenecks and process slow-downs can be quickly identified and addressed.

Common areas

Employee Break Room – Break rooms offer an opportunity to engage with employees and present an opportunity for sharing company-wide information, progress towards business goals, and indicators of potential problems and issues.

Customer Waiting Areas – Allow customers to learn about your business and its successes while in your waiting area. This can be used as an effective tool to promote other products or services offered by your company.

Conference Rooms – Conference room TVs can be set to cycle a pleasant customer-facing dashboard when not otherwise in use.

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards

Taking TV Dashboards a step further, interactive dashboards give you unique insights through business intelligence and analytics. At Modern Paperless we specialize in business intelligence dashboards using Microsoft Power BI.

Data Sources

At Modern Paperless we’re able to connect to data from any source. If it’s accessible, we can get at it. We offer hundreds of Integrations to virtually any data source.

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